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Dongguan Jianhui Paper Co., Ltd was established in December 2002. The Company was located at Huangchong Village, Zhongtang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. It connects Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway to its east, with its west connecting Guang-Yuan Express Main Line; its south connecting National Route 107 and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, and its north connecting Dongjiang Golden Watercourse. There is a dense distribution of water and land communication networks sharing a very favorable geographic location. Moreover, the Company has been provided with its own docks, team of vehicles, logistics distribution and after-sale service, which are unblocked and convenient.

Jianhui Paper total investment 4.3 billion yuan, covers an area of 480000 square meters, the company now has four paper production line, major equipment and technology from the United States, Sweden, Austria, Finland and other countries introduced. No. 1 paper machine in May 2004 formally put into production, the no. 2 machine in August 2005 formally put into production, specializing in the production of high-grade single duplex board with grey back, through continuous upgrading, the maximum capacity of the two machines can reach 800000 tons a year; In order to further satisfy the increasing needs of the market and make full use of the company has all kinds of solid market foundation, the company again in 2010, for the construction of two green liner board paper production line, the largest production capacity can reach 600000 tons a year, the project has been put into production in 2012. After 10 years of development, build a tranquil paper has become the south China region, with production capacity of 1 million tons large-scale paper production base.

The Company specializes in the manufacture of deluxe single-sided duplex board with grey back with the productivity ranking the first in the world. The Company provides fixed quantity of 230~450g/㎡, various specifications of flat boards, roll type duplex board with grey back. Its leading products “Jianhui” brand duplex board with grey back has been highly appraised by customers at home and abroad since its launch of products into markets. It has been awarded the famous trademark in Guangdong Province in 2008 and the title of famous brand products in Guangdong Province in 2009. The Company has been chosen as an enterprise with National Quality Level A trust.

The Company attaches great importance to the construction and improvement of its independent brands. In order to achieve international communication as well as uninterrupted contact at an internationally advanced level in the fields of science, technology, management, environmental protection and energy saving, the Company takes an active part in promoting production 6S management and quality, environmental management, vocational health, safety management and forest certification. It has passed the GB/T19001-2008 Quality Management System Standard certification, the GB/T24001-2004 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001-2011 Vocational Health and Safety Management System standard certification as well as the FSC certification. Moreover, in order to improve its information management, the Company has been using the ERP system.

Based on a long-term development, the Company focuses on harmonious coexistence with nature since its establishment. It has built a large environmental processing system matching the existing production lines. The Company was awarded an excellent clean production enterprise in Guangdong Province and an environment friendly enterprise in 2009.

The Company always carries forward the management guidelines as “Quality First, Customers Foremost; Safety Production, Ensured Health; Reduced Pollution and improved environment, scientific management and continuous improvement” to provide a great number of customers with enthusiasm and outstanding products and top quality services and to make still greater contributions towards the society.